Saturday, May 14, 2011

Finding module positions on any given page

To get a visual indication of all module positions used on a page you can follow this procedure:-

  • Joomla 1.6 In the administrative backend go to Extensions->Template Manager. Click on Options and set Preview Module Positions to enabled.
  • navigate to the page in your web browser.
  • click into the URL field in your browser.
  • look for any "parameters" at the end of the URL. These are separated from the main part of the URL by a question mark. For example, in the URL, the "id=17" is a parameter.
  • if there are no parameters, append "?tp=1" to the URL and press RETURN. For example,
  • if there are already parameters in the URL, append "&tp=1" to the URL and press RETURN. For example,
  • the module positions will be outlined in red.

Note that in some circumstances there may be module positions available that are not outlined in red. This can happen when a template defines those module positions as conditional on there being modules enabled in that position. If there are no modules enabled in that position then the template may adapt and the position will not be visible.
Thursday, April 14, 2011

Best Song 2011

Rocketeer - Far East Movement Feat. Ryan Tedder (One Republic)

 Far East Movement mengeluarkan single terbarunya berjudul "Rocketeer". Kali ini mereka mengajak vokalis band One Republic yaitu Ryan Tedder. 

Sukses dengan singlenya "Like a G6" dan "If I was You (OMG)" yang berkolaborasi dengan Snoop Dog, kali ini mereka mengusung sesuatu yang baru dalam single "Rocketeer" ini.

"Single kami berikutnya akan mengejutkan banyak fan Far East Movement ," kata J-Splif saat merekomendasikan 'Rocketeer.' "ini adalah hal yang 'out of the box' bagi kami , tapi kami senang untuk melampaui batas musik kami."

For the First Time - The Script

Dublin alternative rockers The Script release 'For the First Time' in the US, their lead single from their sophomore studio album 'Science & Faith.' 

Over pulsing, electric rhythm guitar, Danny O'Donoghue sings about getting through the tumultuous recession, and the effect it has on our lives, and relationships. The hopeful message from all this, is that sometimes these events can bring people closer together: "Sit talking up all night / Saying things we haven't for a while, a while yeah / We're smiling but we're close to tears / Even after all these years." 

This is one of 10 tracks from 'Science & Faith,' a concept album based on Ireland's current economic climate, and the social effects it has on everyone. "We got home [from tour] and realized there's a stark reality out there, the recession has hit, people are losing their jobs and their valuable things," O'Donoghue explained in an interview with Sydney radio station Nova 96.9. "We thought, this almost pales in comparison to our news."
Friday, April 8, 2011

Blog bahasa inggrisku dalam bentuk wordpress

Akhirnya terlaksana juga membuat blog dalam bahasa Inggris setelah sekian lama kepingin tapi tidak terwujud.... blog ku yang pertama dalam bahasa inggris ini akan mengulas banyak hal tentang thema/template dari beberpa CMS khususnya wordpress sama Joomla soalnya 2 CMS ini yang bisa diedit menggunakan Dreamweaver CS5.

Kalo rekan - rekan ingin cari template boleh dilihat - lihat dulu siapa tau ada yang cocok...

Oke semoga blog ku ini memberikan banyak solusi bagi yang membutuhkan

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